Kindness of Strangers

Hello to all!!  Something wonderful happened to me today and I thought you might enjoy reading about it.  I was out running some errands and I was kind of in a hurry.  I went through the checkout line, paid for my purchases and gathered all my bags.  I proceeded out the door and then realized that the cashier had forgotten my soda.  I went back in and she realized that she had forgotten to ring it up.  I told her that it was alright and I would just get back in line and pay for it.  Looking up I noticed that the line had grown and she was the only register that was open.  Just as I started walking towards the back of the line I heard a voice say “Just give it to me.”  I look up and it was a lady who had been behind me in line.  She said that she would pay for it.  I told her thanks and I reached into my purse for my wallet so I could pay her and she said  “No, consider it a gift from me to you.”  She said there was no need for me to go all the way back in line for one thing.  I tried to pay her again but she wouldn’t take it.  I thanked her again and told her that I had done the same thing for someone else not that long ago.  She then said “See it all comes back around”.  I was really touched.  I’m glad to see that even in these trying times there are still nice people out there.  I’ve always believed in the motto “What goes around – Comes around.”  It’s true – Life is too short to be wearing a frown all the time.    Besides, did you know that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.  It’s a fact!!  So, put on a happy face and be kind to others because it’ll come back to you when you least expect it.  As for the lady who did that act of kindness, I don’t know your name but keep it up and Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!  🙂

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