Uniquely Sharp Bookmark!

Here’s a feast for your eyes but watch your fingers! 🙂 We have seen some very interesting items that have been used and designed to mark pages. We have never seen something that was designed to mark pages like this bookmark. There are three fairly sharp pieces of steel connected with a spring. We feel it may not have been the best design for your paper product or fingers. The item is marked “New Type Bible Scott Abbott MFG. Co.” It was, of course, found in a Bible. We are posting this item up for auction on eBay. It was so unusual we wanted to share it with all of our friends.

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  1. Gaiil
    | Reply

    Hello, I found one of these markers but it has 30 markers and each one is numbered.

    • admin
      | Reply

      They are very cool and unique page markers! Since finding this one we have seen one other, which was more like the one that you have mentioned. Thanks for sharing!

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