A Southern Rabbit’s Tale

We see a lot of different types of books and sometimes one just strikes our fancy. This little vintage gem is homegrown. Published by John F. Blair out of neighboring Winston-Salem, NC in 1956 and written by Durham, NC native Burke Davis. Illustrated by painter and teacher John Opper of Greensboro, NC. It is a southern spun tale about a vain little rabbit named Roberta E. Lee. She is very determined to be the prettiest creature of barefoot county and turns to a turtle inventor for some unexpected help. Not to ruin the story for ya’ll, but she does not get exactly what she was lookin’ for. However, she does end up finding a little bit of peace and happiness in the end. This tall tale explains how rabbits got their short tails, long ears and legs. It is a very special treat. This particular item is extra special because it is personally inscribed by the author to his childhood librarian. Check our online storefronts or email for its availability and a detailed description.
Ya’ll come back now, ya hear!


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