O. Henry

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When one loves one’s Art no service seems too hard.
-O. Henry

On this day in 1910 North Carolina writer O.Henry passed away in NYC.  Born William Sydney Porter in Greensboro in 1862 he was best known by his pen name.  Literary historians believe this pen was chosen to honor a childhood pet.  The legendary writer is famous for his clever “O. Henry Endings” and short stories. Located on HWY 150, just around the block from our booth @ Golden Antiques and Treasures, is the Saunders Inn. This old structure is where O. Henry’s grandfather, while traveling, stopped for a stay.  He was asked by Saunders to stay permanently to help teach the local children. He later moved into Greensboro to raise his own family. #OHenry #VintageVagabonds #SummerfieldNC

Saunders Inn


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