Update on our retail consolidation

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We have finished consolidating our booth space at Golden Antiques and Treasures. Check us out in booth #53!  We are very excited to switch it up a bit and look forward to sharing a little more of our freed up time and creativity with you.  We will be rotating stock quicker through that booth, so make sure you visit us often to catch all the goodies.  As far as the books in that booth go, we had to drop some categories during the consolidation and we are sorry.  Those category titles will be added to our New Arrivals section and be rotated out much quicker.  We have added a Reduced section on the other side of New Arrivals where you can find really great bargains.  We will be having a June Book Sale at Golden Antiques and Treasures June 12th through the 15th. Hardcovers will be a deal @ $2.00 and Softcovers will be a steal @ $1.00. We look forward  to seeing you there! #BookSale #VintageVagabonds

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