Great Gatsby!

One of the great joys in our line of work is being close to lots of different types of treasures and interesting items. It is sad to say sometimes we see so many cool items it takes something very special to truly wow us (#Coolfind). Being long time lovers of books and seeing so many books on a regular basis this definitely rings true in the book arena. In our book inventory at this time we are very proud of a couple of truly fantastic gems. We currently have available an inscribed Harry S. Truman biography, several first editions/signed Tom Wolfe novels, a signed Allen Ginsberg, some very neat collectible kids books and too many other signed/first editions to list here. Our most recent find was able to take my breath away. We have dug up a true piece of American literature history and now making it available for purchase. When it was first spotted my heart raced. I thought to myself “this will be a later printing”, no way will it be a first edition and a first printing. I gently picked it up and opened the front boards tenderly searching for the title page and copyright page. Upon arriving to my destination I noticed the date and then the Scribner seal. What we had found was a first edition and first printing of Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” (#GreatGatsby). After getting it back to the office and researching it a little further making sure all the first edition points were present, it was time to be wowed. I was holding a first edition (#1sted) of the third novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It felt amazing! The work originally sold only around 20,000 copies and was originally considered to be a huge commercial flop. It was not until after his death in the 1940’s that the worked picked up steam becoming a true American classic. Our copy like most other found is missing the iconic and highly sought after dust jacket. Others are selling theirs with facsimile jackets, but we have decided to sell it as it was found. It has so much character and charm just the way it is we do not want to spoil it. Enjoy!

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