Allen Ginsberg

So, we find ourselves in a state of awe once again. After finding a wonderful home for the first edition Great Gatsby, we also found it made us a little sad to see it go. #GreatGatsby However, shortly after sending our precious jewel on its way, we were blessed to run across another piece of American literature history. Although not a first edition, finding this new treasure gave us a similar delight with a new found perspective. It is our job to discover and then experience the real joy of sharing. We know that our clients experience a similar excitement when receiving their new additions to their collections. We have the temporary pleasure of being able to hold and work with true gems. Despite having to let them go, the real pleasure in knowing that they will be cared for and enjoyed for years to come. So, what have we got in store today? A beautiful 29th printing of #Howl the famously controversial work by Allen Ginsberg. Signed and dated by Ginsberg on title page! #AllenGinsberg Being able to hold a copy that the author has held and personalized brings back that feeling of excitement and wonder of discovery. We are very happy to make this item available and looking forward to sharing our next unique find. #VintageVagabonds


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