Transferware?…What’s that?

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Transferware is a style of pottery that was developed in the late 1700’s around Staffordshire England. The process can best be described as printing on ceramic. An engraved and inked copper plate is used to transfer an image to a sheet of paper. The paper is then applied to an undecorated and unfired piece of pottery that will absorb the ink. Water is used to remove the paper from the now decorated piece of pottery. The work is then ready to be glazed and fired. Blue was popular because it was the best and least expensive pigment capable of withstanding the high temperatures of 18th and 19th century kilns. Cobalt blue was also the color of decoration used in expensive hand painted porcelain that was being imported from China. This was an economical way to imitate what was only available to the famous and wealthy.

We have two wonderful and historical examples of Transferware pottery now available in the shop. There is a third and very special literary piece heading to auction tomorrow. Be sure to check them all out, they are absolutely lovely!

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