Gone With The Wind first edition….which one?

Having only published one novel Margaret Mitchell gained quite the attention. I remember seeing the movie with a friend and their mother when I was very young. It was being shown in a classic theater in Tennessee and despite being very young I was enthralled with the overall experience. I was very intrigued later by Mitchell’s work that earned her two major book awards. Being that the famous author only published one novel and died tragically way to young makes for a collectible first edition. However, the circumstances that make the first edition collectible does not stop there. During the first run of 10,000 first editions, the publisher made a mistake by printing an incorrect release date of May 1936. The second run of the first edition consisted of 25,000 copies with the correct release date. Both runs were released to the American readers in June of 1936. So, there are actually two first editions of Gone with the Wind, the first release being more valuable of course. In addition to the wrong date of May being printed the true first, first has the original publishers price of $3.00. One other clue to identifying a true first is an included advertisement that has “Spring Novels” with Gone with the Wind being the second title down. Just to confuse collectors a little more a Book Club Edition (BCE) was released at the same time. The BCE can be easily spotted by its use of Roman numerals for the release date of 1936.

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