No, hyper-modern is not an overly caffeinated robot, although that sounds kind of cool. Hyper-moderns are books that have gained a highly collectible status in a relatively short amount of time. This term typically covers titles that have been published in the last ten to twenty years. Some say that this market reached its peak n the 1990’s, but the market is as predictable as hyper-moderns themselves. There is something very thrilling about these types of first editions and collecting them. There is a certain excitement generated when searching for books whose values fluctuate similar to those of stocks on a crazy day at the New York Stock Exchange. The hyper-modern market is very unpredictable and very erratic. Very few hyper-moderns hold their values over the span of time, but some do. Ernest Hemingway was one of the first examples of this genre. More recent examples include writers like Sue Grafton, Lee Child, M.C. Beaton, C.J. Box to name just a few. One of the great modern examples, “Booked to Die” by John Dunning, actually discusses hyper-moderns in its storyline. Dunning, a book collector, and bookseller himself wrote a wonderful mystery story steeped in the book collecting world. It is truly a look into the daily lives of book collectors or at least how some of us imagine our lives in the book world to be. It was written with all of the makings of a hyper-modern first edition. Most hyper-modern writers’ first books have a very limited print run creating a lack of supply. Combined with a high-quality style of writing can generate a rush on their second work when it is released which creates the demand. This perfect storm makes the first edition of the hyper-modern authors’ first book highly desirable and rare for collectors even if it is only for a short time. With the increase in on-demand printing and many new authors only offering electronic versions, it will no doubt change the hyper-modern market. With any luck, publishers may publish small run limited editions (LTD) of upcoming writers that are performing well digitally. Maybe they will be presented in Morocco leather, as presentation copies, using gilt or maybe with hidden fore-edge paintings. Whatever the case they will be special to collectors.

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