I think big business is a terrible thing for the spirit of the country, as our spirit is the best thing about us.

Kurt Vonnegut


Our mission is to provide our clients with a high level of quality and service combined with a personal touch.  We have a combined 20+ years of experience in sales, marketing and valuation.  We are a small home based company located in charming Oak Ridge, NC.  Our focus is to provide an efficient, caring and personal service to our clients.  We understand that many of the items that we work with have their own unique history.  Care is taken to ensure that items are treated with the respect that they deserve for both the previous and future owners.  Our technique blends old fashioned experience with modern technology, this unique blend separates us from others in our field.  We provide accurate appraisals using USPAP standards.  When brokering, we work to achieve the highest value possible for our clients.  It is understood that each situation is unique having specific needs and we work to help best meet those needs.


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Hello,  I am owner and operator, Mark Hamby.  I am very excited about putting my 20 years of business experience and item valuation to work for you.  Starting with and specializing in books, my interest quickly grew into the areas of antiques and collectibles.  My natural passion for books has lent itself kindly in the researching, unlocking the history and unfolding the stories behind the items that we handle.  As an artist myself, I have an eye for detail.  I combine my business experience with my creative nature to best serve you.

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