We use appraising techniques that follow the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraising Practice (USPAP). We offer two appraisal options to best meet our clients needs. Our standard appraising/research fee is $100.00 per hour, plus travel expenses for on-site appraisals.  We offer no-cost online/phone evaluations for property that is being considered for potential appraisal.  “Contact Us” today for a free appraisal evaluation.

On-site Appraisal Travel Expenses:

All out-of-pocket and travel expenses are to be billed and payable upon delivery of the formal appraisal document. We use current GSA.gov rates to determine expenses. In addition to our appraisal fee, travel time will be charged at $25 an hour, after the first hour of travel from our office, plus airfare, hotel, and car rental (excluding gas), where needed. Estimated costs will be provided and agreed to before commencing any appraisal work.

Types Of Appraisals:

In House

Our “In House” appraisals are informal appraisals that can be performed via online or during appraisal events. These appraisals are intended for:

Personal inquiry
Market analysis to help determine the best market and price to sell your item(s)*.
Consultation when using a  brokering service besides ours*
Estate Sale/Personal property consultations
Creating personal property inventories

“In House” appraisals include, with each item, a short current market glance and a short comparable history for each item when needed.


Our “Professional” appraisals are detailed appraisals to be used for:

Casualty loss
Divorce/division & equitable distributions
Estate appraisals
Insurance appraisals

We recommend that if a single item is being appraised under this method that it have a value of at least $500.00.

We have a one-hour minimum when performing our “Professional” appraisals. Included with each item are a professional presentation, detailed photos, comparable items, item histories and in-depth descriptions along with values. We will not perform this sort of appraisal on items where our brokering service is desired.**

*If you choose to use our brokering services in order to sell your item all research fees are waived.

**If we are interested in purchasing your item outright, where the original intent is for the item to be sold, we will inform you before an appraisal is performed.

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