We are always looking for new items to offer to our loyal following of collectors and dealers. We work with several different types of marketplaces to ensure our clients receive the highest amount possible for their items. We use current technology combined with old fashioned techniques to market our items. We use several well known online marketplaces and physical auction houses for special items.


What items can we broker?

We can broker almost anything both old and new. We do not handle modern firearms, alcohol, tobacco, real estate and a few other select items.  When in doubt, just ask us.  We have a $100.00 minimum on item value for our brokering service.  “Click Here” for a non-inclusive list of items we are looking for.

What are our fees for brokering your items?

We work to keep our fee structure simple and fair.  We use  percentages of the profit vs. flat fees.  Simply put, we increase our profits by making you more money.  In addition, if you are using our brokering services we wave all researching and “In-house” appraisal fees. Our fee for consignments is based on a 60-40 split, with our clients receiving 60% of the profit.  Profit is calculated by subtracting the selling fees and selling expenses from the realized price.

What if we are unable to sell your item(s)?

Your item(s) get returned or they are kept on the market until they sell. There is no cost to you.

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