We are very proud sellers and use several marketplaces to help hi-light the items we represent.  Occasionally, auction houses are the best market for hi-lighting specific items.  We add items that are being made available through auction houses in our event calendar.  Feel free to browse our marketplaces and “Contact Us” with any questions.

In conjunction with selling we are constantly seeking items to buy or broker, please see our non-inclusive list of items of interest.

Our Shops:

Our Home Store– See what treasures we have in store.
Poppet’s Cottage– This is where we hi-light our art and help support other artists. You can really get to know us here!
AbeBooks– A wonderful place to shop for rare and antiquarian books.
Amazon– Everyone’s favorite online shopping mall!
eBay– Everyone’s favorite online auction site!
Etsy– Everyone’s favorite online arts and crafts market!

Our Calendar